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About us

Since 2006, our company provides services in coordination of redesign and development of design documentation for residential and non-residential premises.

Working in all districts of Moscow and Moscow region, we have thoroughly studied all the nuances of redesign coordination and are ready to assist you in solving the most difficult issues!

We have repeatedly interacted with customers owning real estate in Moscow but located outside our country and coordinated redesign without their participation in the process.

How We Can Help:

  • Advice and analysis on planned or already completed redesign
  • Development of design documentation
  • Making technical estimations from the author of the building project
  • Coordination of redesign of residential and non-residential premises with Moscow Housing Inspection and Bureau of Technical Inventory
  • Field supervision
  • Making acts of hidden work
  • Delivery of completed repair to the acceptance board of Moscow Housing Inspection with signing of the act of completed redesign
  • Procurement of new documents from Bureau of Technical Inventory in black lines with new layout

Our Advantages:

  • Guaranteed coordination
  • Experience in working with housing inspections of all Moscow districts
  • Thousands of coordinated sites – in old housing stock, in new buildings, and in all series of typical high-rise buildings
  • Work only on a contractual basis
  • Full range of turn-key works – you provide us with the authorization, and we provide you with a new BTI registration certificate for an apartment in black lines.

We are ready to start working on the projects of any complexity, and if the customer’s wishes cannot be coordinated, we will offer optimal solutions taking into account the requirements of the owner and adopted housing legislation, as well as all applicable building, sanitary and fire regulations.

The best professionals with extensive experience work in the department of coordination of our company. Our staff will take care of all the routine work on procuring certificates from BTI, transfer to residential or non-residential housing stock, procuring ownership certificate, as well as supervise execution of the project and represent your interests in any authority.

For detailed advice call:
8 (495) 720-64-18

Or send us an e-mail:
[email protected]

You can also ask your question at the forum: question and answer
If you send us an e-mail with your floor plan with notes or even a scanned drawing, we will analyze it and provide you with a qualified reply, as well as inform you on price and terms.

Call or send an e-mail, we are always glad to see you among our customers!
Yours faithfully, team of PereplanirovkaMos.ru


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